Day 311 – If I’m An Entrepreneur, How Come Nobody Told Me?

Are You An EntrepreneurDo you like a challenge? Do you like to continue to learn? Do you like having control of your life?

If you do, then you are probably an entrepreneur.

You just might not know it.

Throughout my life I have asked these questions of myself and have made changes to my career or education as the need arose.

When I was in my third year of university I decided I didn’t want to get the degree I was working on. So I changed my program. It added a few years on to my degree, but took me down my eventual path to get a masters degree which then led to my career for many years.

And when my career wasn’t meeting all my needs, I switched it again and went out on my own.

Because really, I have always been an entrepreneur. I just never really thought of myself that way, even as I ran my own company for the last 17 years.

An entrepreneur always seemed like those really high-powered, extremely successful, rich people who had all the ideas and knew exactly what they were doing.

And since I definitely didn’t have a number of those characteristics, there was no way that I could be an entrepreneur.

But that was just my warped definition of the term. Because in many ways I am an entrepreneur.
– I like to work for myself
– I like a challenge and love to find the solutions to a problem
– I have dabbled in more than one career
– I continue to dabble in more than one career
– I have managed to contribute to our family income for 17 years while running my own company
– I come up with new ideas and some work out and some don’t, but at least my creative juices are still running.
– I have worked for myself longer than any other career.
– And I still love finding new things to do.

According to Howard Stevenson, as explained in an article by Eric Schurenberg in Inc. “Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled”.

Entrepreneurs don’t let the lack of resources stop their pursuit of what they need to do. It is a process.

So I am an entrepreneur. With both my 365 Day Media Group and my Rodan + Field businesses, I am striving for new goals. I am challenged every single day trying to learn new things. I get a rush of excitement every time I talk about my business.

I am an entrepreneur.

Who knew! I feel like I can read all those really cool magazines and books now because I am part of the club.

It just took me a long time to realize it.

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