Day 280 – When Rain Rain Go Away Isn’t What You Want

Rain Rain Go AwayIt rained yesterday. Which, for those of us on Vancouver Island is really not usually that big a deal. It rains all the time (at least it seems like it).  But unbelievably, we have had a drought going on so we have had no rain for weeks.

So when it rained today, it was a very welcome thing.

But I also love a summer rain just because it is so unique. Unlike the other times of the year when rain means cold and miserable (and usually means we are watching a rugby game outside freezing our butts off), summer rain is awesome.

I love the smell of rain after a long hot dry spell and it is still completely warm out. The sounds and smell from a summer rain storm always take me back to my childhood growing up in the interior of British Columbia. Last night I was sitting on my deck at the lake and the rain came down, releasing the most amazing smells from the surroundings. Hot pavement, dry plants, wood deck – all made the most incredible fragrant.

The boats on the lake were still racing around so had that sound of summer in the background. Kids playing in the lake. Summer music playing on the iPod.

I was grinning from ear to ear and in such a great space. We had worked hard all day on the cabin getting it summer ready, so the rain was perfect (it had been stifling hot the day before so we accomplished nothing). Bringing out the summer chairs and beach paraphernalia and cleaning up the remnants of winter made the day go by quickly in such a good way.

As I sat there listening to the sounds and soaking in the surroundings I couldn’t help fast forwarding to 10 or 15 years when I hopefully will have a grandchild or two and can introduce them to all the sounds of summer I love so much.

So rain rain go away was definitely not a song I was singing yesterday. We got to play regardless of the rain!

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