Day 252 – Why June 1 Should Be My Birthday

JuneI wish my birthday was on June 1. I mean, nothing wrong with October, but I have always liked the date June 1.

Why, you may ask, do I like June 1 so much that I would want my birthday on it? Well…

June means the end of school.
It is the month that summer begins.
My mom is born in June. And so are many of my good friends.
In June, the flowers are in full bloom, the leaves are all out and the grass is incredible.
Its short and easy to remember that it is the sixth month.
It is warm enough to take off your shoes and run in the sand.

The list goes on and on.

It is such a great month, and June 1 is the start of it all. So I’d like to share my birthday today!

First day of each month is a day of renewal for me. It is a breathe of fresh air. Think about how you feel at the beginning of each month.

Now what would make it even better. If it fell on a Friday this year, because Fridays are a special day too. But I won’t digress to what makes Fridays good, because I think everyone know why already!

So that is my short and sweet blog for today. So you all know, when I become rich and famous, and they change June 1 my special day, you will know why!

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