Day 190 – Getting Used To Them Growing Up

Getting Used to Them Growing UpMy kids are growing up. Really growing up.

My youngest has traveled the world in the last year, having been to Argentina, Germany and Hong Kong!

My oldest moved out.

And guess what? They both managed to do these things without me and were quite happy to do so.

So at first I was struggling a bit with all this. How come my boys are so independent? Why do they seem so happy to be away from me? What have I done wrong?

But it was actually my youngest who said to me that it was actually because I had done a good job. That they were confident to jump into the real world. So that is a good thing. I have to keep telling myself that.

I have also found something else pretty cool.

I am really starting to enjoy their independence. I look forward to my son coming over to visit, but I don’t feel anxious about him not being here at home anymore. It actually becomes special knowing he is coming over, so I don’t take it for granted.

With my youngest travelling so much in the last month, my husband and I have been empty-nesters quite a bit. Interestingly enough, we managed just fine. We actually did have things we could talk about. And boy was it ever easier to cook for just the two of us.

So I can see that the panic I was feeling about my kids growing up too fast is starting to dissipate. Just in time.

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