Day 189 – Gifts of Compassion

CompassionToday I had a stream of meals being delivered to my house by various parents of the rugby team I manage.

Not for me. I was just the coordinator.

The meals are for one of the families on the team whose father is ill. It took one email out to all the families and I had a freezer full of meals.

It made my heart sing.

Because I truly believe that if you, as a parent or an adult around children and teenagers, show compassion, it will rub off on you them. They will see how we act and will hopefully mirror these acts of compassion in there lives.

It may not have an immediate impact, but some day they too will become adults who influence children and they will think back to what they remembered.

I am so sorry that we do have to make meals. I would rather everyone was healthy and the need was not there. But it is. And it is so sad. But hopefully at least our act of compassion will bring some joy and happiness to our friend.

Because it is pretty special to know so many people care. It warms the heart and helps bring happiness to a family going through a tough time.

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