Day 161 – Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty NestI’m testing out a little empty nest syndrome this week.

With one son moved out already, and my youngest away at a rugby camp all week, my husband and I are trying out the empty nest.

We went to our cabin. Went on a date. We even had egg sandwiches for dinner. Because we could. Cause the boys would not consider that enough for dinner, but we do and so we did.

So while it is fun for a couple of days, I know I’m not ready for it to be a permanent thing. I love my husband, but you sure realize quite quickly how much your life really does centre around your kids. And I like that.

But little weeks here and there where we have no kids around will be a good weaning towards the inevitable. They will move out. And it really will just be my husband and I.

When you have babies you never think this time will come. And then reality sneaks up way too quickly.

I know this is terrible to say, as we should wish our children the independence to move on, but can I secretly hope my youngest stays home with me for a long time yet? Bad right?

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