Day 157 – Spoke Too Soon

Knock on woodI am a huge believer in fate. I’ve spoken about that a few times in my blogs.

I’m superstitious. I knock on wood. I never say the score in a game before its over.

I never say things like “my baby is sleeping through the night” because when you said that when they were young, they would immediately stop sleeping.

So I should know better than to proclaim a day “commitment free”. I should know not to brag about not having any meetings.

I should just plain no better.

But no, I had to brag about it in yesterday’s blog and guess what happened? The sky opened up!

Because not only had I bragged about my day, but I also was heard saying not so long ago, that I have been so lucky in my six years as PAC president to have not had any really contensious issues and I’m coming to the end of my term.

And bang, guess what happens. I’m now having to head up something really contensious and I really don’t want to be but I owe it so our students to do it.


So that will be the last time you ever here me brag about a nice easy slow day!

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