Day 132 – I Am Such a Diva

I am a DivaIs it just me, or does it always seem that not matter what the occasion, you never have what you think is the right thing to wear? That everyone else always looks put together perfectly and you feel like you missed the mark.

For me, a simple evening out usually means at least a few outfit changes, a bunch of clothes on my bed, and usually a pissy remark that I have nothing to wear.

Now do I honestly have nothing to wear? No, I have lots of clothes. I have a great variety of clothes. I don’t have amples of designer clothes, but I do just fine with my lower end clothes. I have lots.

I just am terrible at making decisions on what to wear and it is silly. I have had a friend come over and make me up a bunch of “go to” items to wear so I just have to look at the picture and choose. But I still decide that its not the right thing for that moment.

I drive myself nuts. I know I drive my husband even more nuts cause invariably it somehow always lands up being his fault.

I’m not a diva, or a princess… not very often. But when it comes to getting dressed, I think I have nailed the diva attitude. My mom had to make me choose my outifts the night before when i was little just because of my diva ways or else I would be late for school.

Guess it could be worse. I could be a diva about a lot more things. But seriously, I need to smarten up and stop worrying about the rest of the world.

So what are you a diva about? Even just a little bit.

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