Day 129 –  A Tourist in Your Own Home Town

Butchart GardensWhen is the last time you did something touristy in your own hometown? Did you visit a museum, or take friends to see a site?

I cannot remember the last time I really did something touristy at home. On all my travels we always do the touristy stuff. But when it comes to home, I don’t even think about it.

For instance, we have the world famous Butchart Gardens here in Victoria. I think the last time I went and walked the gardens I was still in university and went there on a date. That is crazy.

When I was in grad school, I was surrounded by foreign students. They came from all over the world and Canada and they were so good about showing people around the city. I used to bug them that they knew more about Victoria than I did. I even had a student work for me once from Australia and when he first arrived he got a job as a kabuki cab driver and cycled tourists around the city telling them about Victoria (he had lived here a week). He knew more than I did!

We so often take for granted what we have in our own back yard. I don’t bat an eye about paying some crazy fees for attractions around the world, but I squirm at having to pay those same prices here in town. And why is that?

The blog challenge from Natalie for Day 14 was to write about the one thing we would do in our hometown that would make us feel like a tourist. Which is interesting timing as each year our city hosts “Be a tourist in your own hometown”, so think this year I need to study that list and get out and do some of the attractions. If nothing else, I need to commit to going to Butchart Gardens this year and seeing what everyone else loves about it.

Because I know I live in the most beautiful spot in the world, so I need to ensure that I am thoroughly enjoying the beauty of it.

What are your favourite things to do in your hometown? How long has it been since you have visited those spots.

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