Day 122 – What is Your One Thing?

One ThingIf you could do One Thing for the rest of your life (or just 2015 to make it seem less daunting) what would it be? That is the question put forward by Natalie Sisson for our Day 7 blog challenge.

When I first heard the question, I started to panic. The idea of focusing on one thing requires, well, focus! And focus is something I struggle with. I move from one idea or project to the next way too frequently.If someone was to follow me for just one day they would laugh at my attention span. I get lots done, but in absolutely no sequence.
But it also forced me to take a look a bit more carefully at what my focus should be.

And I have decided that my One Thing is “To make life less overwhelming while still being productive and successful for as many people as I can.” So now you say, “what are you talking about Tami…that sounds pretty pie in the sky?”

I know for myself, I work a lot of long hours. But it is not just about the long hours. It is the overwhelming feeling of not being able to get everything done. So many things to do, so many ideas, so many choices and so little time.

And I’m definitely not the only one doing this. Our world is full of overwhelmed people.

I want to be the person to help make life a little bit easier for everyone by finding ways to take some of the stress away. I know how I want to do this. I just need to do it.

And in order to do it, I do need to focus. So I made myself a pyramid. I put my One Thing at the top – “To make life less overwhelming while still being productive and successful for as many people as I can.”  I then sat here and wrote out all my different projects to see if they all fit within that focus. Some projects might need to come off my list because they don’t fit. Some projects fit within my pyramid, although some aspects don’t fit. Those are the things I need to work to either remove or farm out to others.

I’m going to make a big vision board in my office with my new One Thing. A daily reminder of where I’m going. My focus.

Can you think of your One Thing?  Try it!

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