9 Damaging Ideas Teenagers Need You To Stop Thinking

9 Damaging Ideas Teenagers Need You To Stop ThinkingThis is a great article about teenagers and what they are thinking and needing.

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3 Responses to 9 Damaging Ideas Teenagers Need You To Stop Thinking

  • I don’t think this article comes from a very real place. Most of us know that teenagers are still our children and need love and nurturing. The reality is that they are trying to take on more for themselves and gain independence, and maybe we weren’t prepared for this stage. They are selfish. It is weird to take 50 selfies a day. Technology is more than just something we are afraid of – it saps quality study, training, learning, socializing time. Even teens need to understand that limited It is a phase of 7 years.

    • I was still writing and editing… Anyway, teenagers do need to be limited in the constant technological barrage. Teenage years are just a phase – of 7 years – and a lot of them are great! But they are real. There are hormonal changes that make lovable adorable youth harder to understand – to say the least!
      Loving your children and doing your best to accept them and their changing needs does not mean they are not difficult teenagers!

  • And some of us adults need to be limited too… because, unlike the teenagers who have a 7 year phase, those difficult adult stages last way longer!!